Clothes Brushes

Clothes Brushes

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Cashmere Brush - Great for brushing any sweaters to groom and remove pills. Made of Oiled Pear wood, black bristles, and an outer ring of soft white bristles. 10 1/2 inches long

Clothes Brush - Meant to brush down wool coats, canvas, felt hats, and a multitude of other fabrics. Gets rid of dust, dirt, and any lint or fuzz you might have picked up along your way. Made of oiled pear wood and stiff black bristles, 10 1/2 inches long

Bronze Clothes Brush - A powerful brush for all types of fabrics. suitable as an upholstery brush and removes pills from sweaters easily. But be careful with delicate fabrics. Made of oiled pear wood, Bronze wire bristles, and an outer ring of black bristles.

Made in Germany

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